If you are going to make you own patterns. We recommend brown paper and masking tape, please ensure they are taped properly so not coming loose in transit. They should fit into the seat like a glove, taking the paper pattern to where you would like your material to finish. Please be sure to mark any necessary slots for belts onto the pattern. Always write the client reference onto your pattern. For further instructions contact us.

We do offer a pattern making service, if you would prefer to send your foam carve, matrix chair, backrest or any item for covering. We do also offer a pickup service. This is a service we do for many customers, it takes the guess work out of making patterns, and we can ensure a first class fit. We can arrange collection for a small cost via our courier, leaving you just to pack your items into a secure box and leaving us to do the rest!

Patterns are usually held here for 2 years, in case of future covers or adjustments. We never throw any patterns away, after such time they are returned to the customer for their keeping. If you require your patterns to be returned with the covers, please let us know.

Our computer system logs all jobs and keeps track of all clients that we have made covers for. The information stored helps us to retrieve patterns by last made date, tracking previous colours and fabric choices, and any adjustments that may have been made.